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  • Christmas Retreat in NYC ‘Encountering Jesus’

    Peniel will join the Christmas Retreat in New York with Immanuel Community Church and other sister churches in the East Coast from December 21st to 23rd, 2018. The theme is ‘Encountering Jesus’ contemplating the meaning of Christmas and the birth of Jesus Christ who came to the world to save us. Please join us! More information will be available soon. Contact us | info@newhavenpeniel.org , 203-787-8206

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  • November 6 | 2018
    Thanksgiving Celebration and Picnic

    On November 22nd, Peniel Church will hold a Thanksgiving celebration and picnic fellowship for families and students who want to offer up the gratitude to the Lord for what He has done this year and enjoy the fellowship as a spiritual family in Jesus Christ. The service will start at 10:40 am @ Peniel Church Location. Please join us!

  • October 1 | 2018
    Mini Retreat on the ‘Sermon on the Mount’

    From October 20-21, Peniel will hold a mini-retreat on the ‘Sermon on the Mount’ from the book of Matthew chapter 5 to 7 @ Peniel Church. Please join us and receive a new strength from the word of God and prayer. More information will be available soon. Feel free to contact for any information at info@newhavenpeniel.org

  • September 12 | 2018
    Mini-Retreat in NYC ‘No Other Name’ from the Book of John

    On September 29th Peniel Church will join a¬†united one-day mini-retreat at its main church, ‘Immanuel Community Church’ in NYC. The theme is ‘No Other Name’ based on the Book of John. They will contemplate deeply what it means to believe in Jesus, sin and salvation and the new life gained through Him through deep messages with other sister churches planted from NY Immanuel in the East Coast. More information will be available¬†soon. Feel free to contact us at info@newhavenpeniel.org