• December 14 | 2019
    2020 New Year Celebration Service

    Welcoming the New Year of 2020, Peniel church will hold the New Year celebration service to start the first day with the word of God and prayer offering the New Year to the Lord. The service will start at 10:40 am at church, followed by a small lunch fellowship.

  • December 14 | 2019
    Peniel Christmas Mini-Retreat

    Peniel will hold a special Christmas mini-retreat from 21st to 22nd. Contemplating the meaning of Jesus’ birth who gave life to redeem us in His life of Gospel, the church warmly welcomes all who are seeking God’s love for this event. The retreat will include two bible lectures, Sunday sermon, gift exchange, and outdoor activity. Please join us! RSVP: / 203-787-8206

  • November 19 | 2019
    Thanksgiving Service

    Peniel Church will celebrate thanksgiving with the church family and also welcomes all who want to give thanks to God for what He has done this year. The service will start at 10:40 am on Sunday followed by the lunch fellowship and outdoor activities. Please join us! RSVP: , Contact: 203-787-8206

  • July 29 | 2019
    2019 Northeast Summer Retreat in NYC

    Peniel Church will join the 2019 Northeast Summer Retreat with sister churches in the Northeast region at its main church in New York. The transportation will be provided between New Haven and NY. Please join us! Date: Aug 10-11, 2019 Theme: To the Riverside of Grace of the Lord Location: Immanuel Community Church (Opening Service) Fellowship at Beach (Pelham Bay Park in New York) Sunday Worship by Dr.De Vries at Lower Manhattan Registration Information |

  • July 17 | 2019
    One Day Retreat on Christian Leadership

    Peniel will join the united one-day mini-retreat held at Immanuel Community Church on July 20th. Please join us! Theme: Christian Leadership Date: July 20th, 2019 Location: Immanuel Church in New York

  • April 6 | 2019
    2019 Easter Retreat

    Peniel Church will join the Easter Retreat that will be held in the update New York with other partnering churches in the Eastcoast from April 19th to 21st. There will be 5 Bible lectures, prayer night, worship night, and Easter activities concluded with the Easter Service on Sunday. The accommodation will be provided at a reasonable price and transportation between New Haven, CT and the retreat place in upstate New York (Dover, NY) is free. Please join us this graceful celebration of the risen Lord in this Easter. For more information, please email or call us at, 203-787-8206.

  • March 6 | 2019
    Peniel Begins The Lenten Daily Bible Study

    From March 6th, Peniel Church starts its Lenten Daily Bible Studies at noon until the Easter and will meditate on the cross of Jesus through the book of John. In this Lenten season, Christians enter into another profound time of the year after Christmas to meditate the theme of Cross and Resurrection. Peniel Church takes special Bible Studies that illuminate the Lord’s suffering and love. Congregants are called to remember God’s unconditional love demonstrated through His Son’s cross. With repentance and prayer, believers also participate in this forty-day path to be renewed in knowing God’s love more deeply. Suffering is a centerpiece of Christian message that continually brings people to see Lord’s death on the Cross. Apostle Paul wrote that…

  • January 21 | 2019
    Peniel Starts 2019 New Year Bible Study Program

    From January 14th, Peniel Church starts its 2019 New Year Bible Study Program. The newly designed church program includes the list of the studies with different themes; The Gospels, Romans, and Discipleship. The registration is open and you may check out through the link below. Please join us!

  • December 31 | 2018
    2019 New Year Celebration Service

    Peniel Church will hold a New Year Celebration Service on January 1st, 2019 at the church in New Haven. Giving thanks to what God has done in 2018, the church wishes to greet a new year offering the service on the very first day of the year and look forward to the blessings that God has stored in the service. Please join us! (A brunch will be provided after the service and you will pick up a new year bible verse for your new year.) Date: January 1st, 2019 Time: 10:40 am Location: Peniel Community Church (129 Church st, 6th FL, New Haven, CT) Contact:, 203-787-8206