Peniel Begins The Lenten Daily Bible Study

From March 6th, Peniel Church starts its Lenten Daily Bible Studies at noon until the Easter and will meditate on the cross of Jesus through the book of John.

In this Lenten season, Christians enter into another profound time of the year after Christmas to meditate the theme of Cross and Resurrection.

Peniel Church takes special Bible Studies that illuminate the Lord’s suffering and love. Congregants are called to remember God’s unconditional love demonstrated through His Son’s cross. With repentance and prayer, believers also participate in this forty-day path to be renewed in knowing God’s love more deeply.

Suffering is a centerpiece of Christian message that continually brings people to see Lord’s death on the Cross. Apostle Paul wrote that children of God should “share in his sufferings” in order that they can share “in his glory”. (Romans 8:17)

Believers are called to meditate the true meaning of suffering and its reason. The Lord said, “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” (John 15:13) It is suffering that the Lord voluntarily took in love to give his life as a sacrifice for others.

In the life of Jesus, love is not an abstract concept for logic or philosophy. It is a sincere act of “laying down one’s own life”: Sacrifice. At the climax of this sacrifice lies the Cross where Jesus shed his blood and suffered for sinners. The Cross which was the flawless sacrifice of the Lord demonstrated what is true love to the whole world that could have been left in ignorance and darkness.

The path of the Cross until Resurrection calls every believer in this Lenten season to ponder how much sacrifice the Lord had born and how much sacrifice we are ready to bear to follow the Lord.

Please join this daily bible study and experience the resurrection of the Lord together this period of Lent.