2018 Pentecost Retreat

As marked in the Old Testament the time to celebrate the harvest as well as an important day where the believers gathered and received the promised Holy Spirit, Peniel Church plans to join Pentecost United Retreat in NYC, held in Immanuel Community Church. And the church prepares wholeheartedly for the coming Pentecost gathering.

There is a praise and prayer night in planning on May 18 also a Pentecost retreat from May 19 – 20. The theme of the retreat will be on salvation and Kingdom of God, where passages from Romans 8 will be studied.

Ministers prayed that the event can bring a great revival to the mission that the Spirit of God be poured onto Church and the people may receive great power from above. They also prayed that the event can be the one that lead many souls to Christ.

Please join in prayer for all the mission effort piled up until Pentecost. May God bless the spiritual harvest in May.