Yale Students Share Their Testimony

On May 11th, minister and Yale students had a graceful outdoor fellowship giving thanks to God for being with them in their spiritual journey this year. Welcoming summer, Justin will have a summer break and William will graduate. They went picnic on this day to East Rock park, which is very popular place in New Haven city.

They climbed up East Rock mountain together and reached the summit. And they could see the whole city on the park and prayed together for the city. And they shared what God has done for them this year and gave thanks to minister.

Justin shared “From the bible study with, I could learn how to discern the will of God and my will. I want to follow the dream and vision of God, rather than my thoughts.” Justin will come back to New Haven after Summer. William said “God really prepared me to the bible studies. Firstly, I appreciate bible study. And I liked evangelism meeting. For 2 years, I have grown spiritually so much through witnessing to others. I will never forget and keep in touch with.” He introduced Bible Study and Evangelism meeting to his friend who wants to join and also to evangelism in Yale campus as well.

They gave thanks and all honor to God and prayed for each other. Let’s pray that they can keep on moving forward for God’s will and Kingdom of God.